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Affordable Care Act - Enrollment Info

If you are looking for Individual Medical Insurance, we can help. We have partnered with a CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services) approved Web Broker to offer you an alternative to By completing the necessary steps, you will be directed to a CMS approved website where you can get quotes and enroll online today! Part of the process will include the opportunity to see if you qualify for a Premium Tax Credit to lower your monthly insurance premium as well as Cost Sharing Reductions to limit your deductible(s) and out of pocket limit(s). Our enrollment website allows you to view your potential Tax Credit and Cost Sharing Reductions as well as the plan prices and benefits before actually completing the application process. This allows you to spend a little more time evaluating plans without worrying about logging back into the website. Please Note: In addition to these benefits, allowing a licensed agent to assist you with your application may speed up the process and allow you to get coverage faster. Also, please know that our desire is to provide the most accurate and time conscious assistance to help you find an insurance plan that meets your needs. However, due to drastic changes in the health insurance industry, there may be a fee for our service. While no fees will be charged for assisting with your application, other fees may apply, and if so, you will be notified prior to the agent assisting you. Per the eBroker Software website materials, completing the application without the agent's help will not save much time versus going directly to It will, however, allow one of our agents to be your agent of record in the event you need assistance with your coverage throughout the year.

Before you go to the enrollment website, please complete the following:

1) If you are applying during the Open Enrollment Period, please go to step 2. If you are enrolling outside of the Open Enrollment Period, please go to to see if you qualify for a Special Enrollment Period that will allow you to enroll before the next Open Enrollment Period.

2) Download the Marketplace Application Checklist and the ACA Profile sheet to help you gather the necessary information before completing the quoting/enrollment process. Because our enrollment website allows you to avoid going directly to the website, you may not need all of the information listed on the Marketplace Application Checklist.

3) Download a copy of our PII & PHI Disclosure.

4) If you would like to discuss your plan options once you have completed steps 1-3, please contact our office to speak with a licensed insurance agent (TF: 888-669-5591). Or, if you prefer to complete your plan selection and application by yourself, please go to our Links page to visit our enrollment website.

Please feel free to contact our office if you have any other questions or concerns before completing these steps.


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